Stories From the Field #1

The classroom was neatly organized and put together. Four large tables made up the majority of the room with coat racks lining the wall nearest to the door. In the back half of the classroom there were toys in Rubbermaid containers and little play sets neatly set around. To me this looked a lot like the Kindergarten classroom in the school where I grew up but way more organized. I felt really at home in the classroom surprisingly. It was calming how neat everything was as well as how decorative the walls were. It was a very welcoming and inclusive space. We got walked through some of the online learning resources that she uses in the classroom and you could tell she liked to be prepared and organized. When the children came in the room got busy, little swarms of children everywhere! The classroom was very busy but was still very organized, the children knew exactly what they needed to do in the morning and once their tasks were done, they got to play with toys. Although it was a kindergarten classroom filled with hyperactive little kids it still felt stress free and organized.  

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