Stories From the Field Blog #5

While there might not be diversity you can see with the naked eye, there is still sexual and gender diversity within the school community. Most of the time we overlook diversity when you can not see it and identify it quickly.

When talking to my cooperating teacher about this week’s topic, he said that the most important thing when dealing with diversity is inclusion. This is fitting with what we are talking about in class. The school community promotes inclusion in many different ways. One of the most prominent ways i observed is with their clubs. They have many different options from sports to drama clubs as well as students who help with the coordination of these clubs. This provides an opportunity for all children to be involved within their school community. Looking closer into these clubs I found that a lot of the sports teams that they have promote gender diversity. The football team is not reserved to only boys, which is usually typical, but a lot of girls play on the team too. I think that because I am in a school within the Catholic School Division that there are some things, like gender and sexual diversity, that are taking more time to be implemented in the schools.

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