Field Experience Reflection

I had one of the best experiences in this school. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I was very nervous walking into that building on the first day but was immediately relieved when I met my cooperating teacher. We got moved to another classroom which made me nervous again but that cooperating teacher was just as nice and welcoming as the last. Our cooperating teacher was eager to help us be involved in the classroom and understand what was going on. He helped us through our guidance questions before class started and told us things about his own education journey. Our cooperating teacher and another one of the teachers in the school even let us run a couple lessons ourselves and gave us feedback on them. I found that so helpful because it gave us a first hand look at what really goes into being a teacher and all the prep work that goes along with it. I think we made really strong connections with the teachers in the school. The students were also very welcoming. Being in a kindergarten class my first day I saw just how much compassion kids can have at such a young age. After getting moved to a grade 7&8 class I saw first hand how the slightest interaction can change an entire day. By just listening and being there for the students you can create great relationships. It is going to be really sad to leave all the wonderful staff and students of this school. 

I got to really understand the functionality of the school. There are many sports teams that try to implement inclusion but also other clubs to cater to every student’s interests. I got to see how teachers are constantly trying to improve their own learning and ways of teaching through masters classes, seminars, and PD days. I was taught different ways technology can be brought into the classroom to help bridge the gap between the technological world and schools. Most importantly I got to see how much time, effort, and passion teachers put into their jobs. For anyone who says that teaching is an easy profession or that they only work 8-3, I say go hang around a teacher for a day and you will see that it is much more than that.

Overall this has been a great experience for me and has really shown me that I have a strong passion for teaching.

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