Stories From the Field #7

The role of technology is very important in today’s classrooms as our world becomes more and more digital. My cooperating teacher uses technology as much as possible. My cooperating teacher utilizes the projector for lessons, like showing powerpoint slides and pictures when explaining topics. I think this is a helpful tactic for the children since it gives them something visual to look at instead of just listening to the teacher which can be difficult for some children. There are also many programs that teachers use in the classroom.

Our cooperating teacher uses OneNote for assignments and topics covered in class. OneNote allows students to see the document used and add on to that document. It removes the use of handing out paper assignments which can easily be lost and waste a lot of paper. It also saves students from forgetting their assignments at home or at school and allows them to work on it almost anywhere. I think this is a really cool tool used in the classroom.

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