Blog Post #5: Curriculum as Place

Within Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing we explore the critical pedagogy of place and how it is attempting to discover and create reinhabitation and decolonization. Through the bringing of generations together we can create a sharing of knowledge to help protect the cultures and traditions of First Nations peoples. The river trip that was taken helped share stories of the land and connections to the land between generations. The youth on this trip learned to understand themselves and their culture in relation to the land which is important. 

As a future teacher I wish to continue to educate students on the history, present, and future of different cultures, especially those of First Nations peoples. I think it is very important to decolonize education so that it is applicable to all. As a white person I know it will be difficult for me personally to teach the cultures and traditions of the First Nations peoples. By first understanding and learning myself, I can hopefully gain an understanding and have a variety of knowledge to share with my future students.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post #5: Curriculum as Place

  1. jaycehayhurst says:

    I agree that passing down information through generations is important because if the knowledge doesn’t get shared to the other the culture will be lost. I also agree that as a white teacher teaching Indigenous studies will be hard to teach, I like that your willing to try and better your own education to help your students help understand the info better.


  2. Chandria Yang says:

    Hi Karly! This was a great piece. We really enjoyed how open and honest you were regarding your privilege. We think it is very important for all educators to realize their privilege in order to teach different cultures. One idea we think you could implement into your teaching of Indigenous cultures, would be to bring in an Elder to teach their own perspective. This will enhance your student’s experience and also give them different opportunities to learn.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Chandria and Ashley


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