Blog Post #7: Curriculum as Treaty ed

It is so important to teach all students Treaty education and cultural perspectives of Indigenous peoples. However, this opinion is not widely shared. Many people do not believe that it is important to be educated on these topics or that students do not need to learn it in schools. This opinion often leads to a difficult situation for the teacher who is teaching these subjects. We are all treaty people, we are all Canadians, and we all need to understand our history. Treaties and Indigenous cultural perspectives are apart of our history and it cannot be left out. You wouldn’t think to cut out basic multiplication from a Math curriculum because it is important so why are we cutting out treaty education?

Treaty education is very important for schools that have a low population of First Nations students because it is our history. It is almost more important for these other students to learn about First Nations cultures and treaties in schools because often times there is no learning of these topics outside of the school for them. Since it is such an important topic it needs to be implemented into our education system because if it isn’t then it won’t be taught anywhere else.

Being a treaty person to me means that we are all Canadians that took participation in and are still participating in the creation and implementation of treaties. If you live, work, travel, or just on treaty land then you are a treaty person. We all have a role in being treaty people which means we all have a role in reconciliation. It is not something that can be ignored. It is our history, our present, and our future.

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