Blog Post #4- Good Student

Being a “good student” according to commonsense is often idealistic. We imagine the good students as quiet, smart, and well behaved. Students are expected to sit quietly in their desks and stay on task during class. Students who obey the teacher and do their work as expected are considered the “good” and “normal” children while … Continue reading Blog Post #4- Good Student

Blog Post #3: Critical Summary

Within Collaborating to Plan and Implement a Sex Education Curriculum for Individuals With Disabilities by James Sinclair, Laurie G. Kahn, Dawn A. Rowe, Valerie L. Mazzotti, Kara A. Hirano, and Christen Knowles, they discuss how important it is to create and implement an adaptive sexual education curriculum for all students. It is important to have … Continue reading Blog Post #3: Critical Summary